Headmaster of Sendrellar


Absulcon was first seen in historical records as magical advisor and friend to Zafara Bladesong during her earliest years as an adventurer. After she wed and bore her children, he became the Bladesong family tutor.

During the Culling, Absulcon aided Zafara in saving the school of battle, Kazuyuki, she had worked so hard to found after becoming queen of the meiva, from the destruction wrought by the Enemy. He helped to protect the meiva people during their long migration from Ghdros to Elaysm and aided in setting them up to defend against all the threats of that time, but unexpectedly vanished shortly thereafter.

Unbeknownst at the time, he had moved to Sendrellar and worked tirelessly to save what pieces of knowledge and history as he could from being destroyed during the Magitek War between the Sendrellan and the pre-technomancy gnomes. In fact, any knowledge of pre-Culling days that survives today can probably be attested to his efforts there. Once the war ended he began to gather any arcanists he could find to him in the ruins of the school and began to cobble together a new method of thinking of magic, and thus were mages born from the ashes of the chromatics.

Since then he has rebuilt Sendrellar on the largest plateaus and in the ruins of what used to be, teaching all forms of arcane magic, and even houses the Bard's College under his protection. It is with his blessing and magical might that Venir was able to raise Aincrad into the sky above Sendrellar, and with his approval the avarta make their homes in the ruins outside of the locations used by the school.

Absulcon took in the refugee ex-gods Venir and Lilyth during the Era of Heroes, and he is attributed at least in part with their rehabilitation. Rumor abound of how he and Lilyth have become romantically involved, though neither seem eager to speak on the matter publically. It is likely that many will look to his approval or lack thereof should Lilyth attempt to regain her divinity, though some whisper... far away from prying ears... that she is controlling him somehow.

Absulcon is known as a cool but not unapproachable man and is well respected by all. His own method of harnessing arcane energy seems unique to him, and is characterized by magitek-like circuitry pattern visuals. His is widely regarded as the most powerful wielder of the arcane arts in the world, and it is through this reputation that he has maintained both Sendrellar's and Aincrad's autonomy.