In ancient times, Agamemnon (Gamen for short) fell in love with the high priestess of a primodial goddess named Hekate. Hekate forbid the union, but Gamen and his lover Akbeth continued to see each other. In punishment, Hekate turned Akbeth to stone and cursed Gamen to live forever after without his beloved and hidden from the warmth of the sun, turning him into the first vampire to exist.

For eons he kept watch over Akbeth, and as the world moved on and buried them both, for a very long time they were forgotten. That changed when Zafara Bladesong found them and resurrected Akbeth. Though he still loved her, Gamen saw that his beloved remembered nothing of him, and so he let her go with the war dancer back to the surface.

Some time later he was invited to move his lair, including the most impressive library of well-preserved books in the world, to Lea Monde. Gamen agreed, and lives deep underneath the city to this day. He is frequently in the company of Nana, an energetic halfling cook, with whom he has a... layered relationship.

He is a handsome man with dark hair and startlingly light blue, nearly grey, eyes. He enjoys the finer things in life, and indulges himself whenever possible. Over the course of countless centuries he has kept himself entertained by learning and experiencing all that he can. This has left him with a strangely lopsided yet robust worldly quality. Add in his 'bad boy' attitude and his good looks and most women melt in his hands.

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