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Barachiel is the ally of Meyne and a holy, righteous figure. He was a jendau when mortal, and lives on the world instead of within the deific realms. However, he is bound to the Oaken Throne, the seat of ownership which harnesses Ashe'ileq's power. It is from here that he rules over his kin with a benevolent hand and spreads his message of guardianship, protection, and living righteously. His power extends beyond the preservation of life though, and also encompasses bringing new life into the world.


The White Lion, Shield of the Meek, Lifebringer.

Current StatusEdit



Lawful Good.


A white or gold lion's head facing forward.


Fertility, Jendau, Love, Stoicism, Sun.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Heroes

Typical WorshippersEdit

All jendau worship Barachiel, though any who seek to protect those who cannot protect themselves have been known to become Lionites. He is also the god of life, and many midwives and others dealing with birth pay him homage.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

Barachiel is a solidly-muscled leonine humanoid. His head is fully a lion's head, complete with thick mane. His body is covered in white fur. He has golden eyes and a gentle but gruff voice. Huge pearly white wings sprout from his back.

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Associated HolidaysEdit

Februa, Melethoc 14th. Februa is a festival of fertility, and symbolizing this girls of a participating community, up to 14 years old in human communities, dance and wrap colorful ribbons around a Lion's Pole.It is customary for those in a romantic relationship to spend extra time doting on each other on this day, including the gifting of sweets and bundles of the first flowers of the year. Also known as the Festival of Lights, participants in Februa celebrations light a special candle at dusk to protect themselves from bad humours and mischevious fey spirits that might seek to replace a newly concieved child with a changeling.