Iaijutsu focus

The feat system in the world of Torar has been modified. Feats are now grouped by effect, and most are dynamic, improving the benefits they grant the more feats you have from a certain group, allowing you to reap much more benefit from a specific focus in feat selections. Since the average character receives only seven feat slots from level 1 to 20 (with human fighters blowing that away at a whopping 19 feat slots at the top end!), they should grant more than a measly +1 or +2 bonus if a character is serious about his study in the ways of the bow, or how to avoid being hit, or whatever he wants to do.

                Some feats fall into more than one category. These feats count toward your total number of feats in all categories they fall under. Feats that have effects dependent on an amount of feats in a particular category continue to increase as you gain feats in that category, even after you select the feat. All variable feats scale by 1 increment per 2 feats in that category. The specifics on how a given feat scales are listed in the feat itself.

                Please note that most feats exclusive to a particular race or class do not scale themselves, but will count toward your total feats in the categories to which they belong.

Feat CategoriesEdit

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