Chance is the son of Venir and Lilyth, and is Venir's firstborn child. He is a gorgeous teenage boy that looks to be about 16. He has perfect skin, golden blonde hair, and light green eyes. Chance is a fortune seeker, a treasure hunter. He enjoys breaking into old ruins and crypts and plundering them of all portable valuables.

However, there are only two things in this world that Chance is truly passionate about: gambling and women. Possibly the luckiest person that has ever lived, Chance is only beaten at games of, well, chance when he wants to be. Dice, cards, and other games that rely heavily on luck draw him like a moth to the flame. His favorite game by far is three dragon ante, in which he nearly always rakes in huge wins. If no such games are available, he will start convincing people to bet with him on the simplest, random occurrences, such as the chance that it will rain during a sunny day. And even in this he is almost always right. Whether he causes the phenomenon that follow him or has some sort of extremely precise precognition is unknown.

Because of his parentage, Chance is insatiable with women. His good looks and rogueish charms rarely fail him when he sets his mind on wooing a girl that has caught his eye. Due to his unique physiology, Chance causes any woman that he kisses to begin to ovulate (or go into her mating cycle, etc), and his seed never fails to take root if properly planted. He has left behind whole villages of pregnant wives and daughters. Which can lead him to needing to make a hasty retreat from a region. If he is spotted, men would do well to guard their purses and their women with equal zeal.

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