Concord was the second major city established on Amuan during the Era of Heroes, the other being the capital of the moriedhel, Seindoron. It was established by Edana to be a place for all halfbreeds, planetouched, extraplanar visitors, and other misfits to call home. Despite the stark diversity of its citizens, Concord is governed sternly with a mixture of socialist and totalitarian laws set forth by Edana. It has served the city well, with generations of less crime than nearly any other city. As a place of such diversity and near the center of the world, Concord is a bustling trade hub, second only to Endhome.

Concord boasts the largest and one of the only known temples remaining to the creator god Liambic, at the center of the city where most municipal buildings are located. Temples to every other deity, even some of the deceased ones, can be found scattered about the city as well, and it is meant to be a melting pot of peoples and faiths. Concord is also a major adventuring hub, and most guilds have a guild house here. Its architecture resembles that of ancient Rome, with large, open buildings, domed rooves, and white stone.

A large river runs through the city which leads into a bay and provides traffic from sea. Fishing is a popular profession, and as such seafood is one of the city's primary exports. Outside of the city are scattered farming villages and miles of orchards and groves of predominantly grapes, olives, and grains, the city's other major exports.


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