High Inventor


Leader of the gnomes.


Curly was born Curlicornelius von Arcanomatrix Quntupolarity Converter von P.W.N. von Butcherbot von Reversible Cogspring Barnesofmachines XIII, esq, AeEng, DAS, DSc, EMet. However, as with most gnomish names, he uses a shortened version when interacting with non-gnomes. Considered the father of modern technomancy, Curly has contributed a number of key inventions that have standardized technomantic inventions and thereby simplified their integration into Firemount.

The Barnes family was not always so respected in gnomish society though. For many years prior to the Era of Unification the family was exiled from gnomish society for overly dangerous inventions and a higher than acceptable risk of catastrophic failure. However, their inventions finally earned them the respect they deserved. The Barnes family always has at least one son, and all male children are named Curlicornelius, each generation. Thus there has always been a Curly in the world as far back as anyone can remember, though each has their own specialties.

Curly is a friendly, energetic, and eager gnome. He much prefers to be in his labs working on his latest invention as opposed to dealing with matters of state, but dutifully attends Firemount Council meetings when required to... and dragged to the meeting chambers by his aides.

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