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Gold Swan.








Dancer is a beautiful, voluptuous, toned woman. She has silky canary yellow tresses that never seem to be out of place, even when her hair is mussed from a long night of performing. Many consider her to be the pinnacle of mortal beauty, and some even say that she is the goddess Akbeth reborn. She has naturally rosy lips, sapphire blue eyes, and a healthy glowing tan on her flawless skin. Her wings are pristine white and swan-like. She typically wears a set of three silver feathers from the wings of her long time friend Genevieve Sundew in her hair in one fashion or another.


Neutral Good.


The ideal of beauty and dance, and Barachiel. Formerly Akbeth.


Dancer is a self-confident, some might say aggressive, woman. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to be direct to get it. Not one for playing games normally, she isn't afraid to use her almost supernatural allure to her advantage when she needs to. She is elegant and graceful, but can also be argumentative, even boisterous. She's the type that might join a table of men in their cups and joke and laugh along with them, even at raunchy or boorish jokes. She just likes to have a good time.


Dancer is a control freak. She is extremely uncomfortable in situations where she is not in full control, and will sometimes act out in order to get the attention of those nearby and gain some measure of control of her surroundings.



What used to be Perabova in northern Lados.


None. Dancer's family was killed during the Culling, and it is then that she shed her birth name and took on the name Dancer.


28th of Rochiroc, 1104 Exploration, NA.


Dancer was forced into the adventuring life. After her childhood innocence was torn from her with the death of her family at the young age of 195 by the undead armies that rose in the beginning of the Culling, she began to travel and help others that were fighting against the hordes. Unbeknownst to her, she had become the mortal agent of Akbeth, and when the goddess was slain by Venir much of her remaining power, including her core essence, was transferred to Dancer. She teamed up with Thera and helped to make some small parts of the land safe for refugees. Later, after the Culling, she was approached by Absulcon and asked to run the Bard's College, an offshoot of the fledgeling rebuilt Sendrellar. After hearing that her childhood friend Genevieve was still alive, she took a hiatus from teaching and joined her, becoming part of the adventures of Reggie Sinclair and company for a time.

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Seeker of the Song.

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Became the mortal vessel of Akbeth; operated the Bard's College for several centuries.

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