Declan Rook

Vital InformationEdit


The Falconer.








Declan is of average height and weight. He has short, dark hair, dark eyes, and a rugged complexion. He usually has stubble on his face. He wears supple leather armor dyed in dark shades of grey and green. His left gauntlet is much thicker than his right one, and bears the clawmarks of Queenie, his pet gyrfalcon.


Neutral Evil.




Rook is a jerk. He is rude, often crude, vulgar, and mean-spirited around others. He finds most people, especially those that prefer to live in cities or otherwise in luxurious surroundings, to be little better than herd animals. A manhunter by trade, he is available for hire to hunt down bandits, noblemen, personal rivals, and anything inbetween. He doesn't take prisoners, preferring to kill his targets with his exceptional archery skills or using Queenie to surprise and blind his foes. Even those that can stand to be around him for more than a few minutes are subject to his abuse, both verbal and physical.


He has a nearly pathological hate for all repitles of all types. Thanks to many injuries incurred from training his falcon pets, his left hand is scarred and broken, keeping him from being able to perform actions that require fine motor skills with that hand. He can perform gross motor functions, such as gesturing, holding his bow, or grabbing someone's arm or throat, but anything that requires more dexterity or flexibility must be done by his right hand.





Tristan Rook, younger brother. The two do not associate, as Tristan is exactly the type of person that Declan hates: a wealthy merchant living in the lap of Endhome luxury.


1st of Sarnoc (All Hallow's Day), 253 Unification, AM.


Declan was renounced by his father after many years of family embarrassment by leaving behind him a trail of empty bottles and beaten up whores. Being a prodigy at the family business of animal training, especially with birds, he took his favorite bird and his hunting bow and left the family house in the tame wilderness near Endhome, striking out into the wilds of northeastern Elaysm. The bird eventually died, but not before giving birth to a clutch of eggs, which Rook kept and nurtured until they hatched. He trained the birds from their hatching, and has a deep connection to them. For a long while he made his living building his reputation as a manhunter, until finally he met someone. Mayumi Bladesong, one of the original Bladesong clan, and Declan found that their goals and personalities meshed so well that they decided to stay together and meet the challenges ahead of them alongside one another.

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Signature EquipmentEdit

Queenie, his gyrfalcon companion.

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