Elizabeth hailed from a moderate-sized town on the border of Perabova and Caspanaea of Lados. She became a cleric of Oros at fourteen, specializing in dealing with the looming threat of undead at the town's doorstep. Unfortunately, her town was overrun, and she and other surviving clerics were forced to flee south. They settled in Silverus, in the duchy of Kirsvald. Elizabeth continued her work as a cleric for the next decade, always with an ear to the ground for any news about her hometown. When she learned the town had become a literal ghost town, Elizabeth changed her focus slightly to best dispense of incorporeal undead. With the help of gnomish inventor Curly Barnes, she became a force to be reckoned with, with her "Spectrecles" and "Proton Pistol", when it came to "ghost busting" as Curly put it, but also a friend to those ghosts who are harmless yet unable to move on from the Prime Material.

Elizabeth met the ancient spectre Lucius Bertrand in her travels and fell in love with him. She convinced him to pledge his loyalty to Oros and together they worked in his service to combat the surge of undeath.

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