Creator and former queen of the illumin people


Evanessa was a paladri turned molthar when she lost her husband and child, during the Era of Enlightenment. After becoming a molthar, she attended Sendrellar as a devolutionist and pyromancer. Eva kept a journal throughout her life as a paladri, and detailed her transformation as it occurred so that she would never forget where she came from. This helped her to achieve a balance within herself as a paladri and molthar, and she became the first non-evil molthar. She taught other molthar to embrace their past lives as paladri, and helped paladri to accept them. This undertaking created a new race of its own, called the Illumin, who are half the forebears of the avarta.

Eva was turned by the creator of the molthar, Ler'ar, himself, which was evident when her skin turned pitch black, and had a special ability to absolve the sins of any who came to her, giving her a reputation that preceded her across Lados as a confessor. She tried to use this ability on Ler'ar, and though it failed, Eva did not give up, and took Ler'ar from Torar to find a cure for his cursed soul elsewhere. Ler'ar's cure eventually led the two back to Torar, where while in attendance of the Faire in Meara, the ascension of Barachiel restored Ler'ar. The two can still be seen every time the Faire is held.

Eva's most notable adventuring exploits included assisting Zafara in slaying the great dragon Ashardalon, and taking the heart of the dragon to the molthar as an olive branch.

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