In addition to all the standard special materials (adamantine, mithril, cold iron, darkwood, alchemical silver, and dragonhide), there are other special materials that can be found around Torar by enterprising or lucky adventurers.

Living RockEdit

Type of Living Rock Item

Cost Modifier


+300gp each

Light Armor


Medium Armor


Heavy Armor






Found primarily around Koraith in Elaysm. Living rock is a dark tan or brown color with rusty red marbling that always feels warm to the touch. Items made of living rock weigh 3 times as much as normal. This means that armor, weapons, and shields made from living rock counts as 1 category heavier or larger, as appropriate, for purposes of encumbrance and proficiency. Items normally made from leather cannot be made from living rock. Living rock items cannot be enchanted with magic, but are automatically considered to have a +5 enchantment bonus on them. Additionally armor grants elemental resistance of 3 per weight category of the armor against all five common elements, while shields grant only resistance of 1 per weight category. Weapons made of living rock bypass hardness of 30 or less and count as adamantine for purposes of damage reduction.

                Living rock has 100 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 45, making it almost impossible to destroy. In order to harvest and forge it you must have adamantine equipment enchanted with a +4 enhancement bonus.

                Discovered By: Zafara Bladesong of the Torian Historical Society, Era of Exploration.


Found primarily around Sendrellar in Lados. Items made of nephelium weigh ¾ as much as normal. Nephelium is as clear as glass and reacts to stimuli like glass, however is as hard as iron. Weapons made of nephelium are hard to defend against, granting a +1 bonus to attack rolls that will stack with masterwork bonuses and magical bonuses. Armor and shields made from nephelium are more difficult to find weaknesses in, increasing the armor bonus granted to AC by +1 (this stacks with masterwork and magical bonuses).

                Nephelium has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 10. It requires at least 7 ranks in Craft (glassblowing) in addition to Craft (weaponsmith/armorsmith) to forge.

                Weapons, armor, and shields made from nephelium cost an additional 1000gp. This does not include any masterwork costs.

                Discovered By: Hanatheratris Dawnwing and Landron of the Explorer’s League, Era of Exploration.

Spellshard CrystalsEdit

Found primarily underground in places several thousand years old all throughout Torar. Spellshard crystal looks like quartz crystals glowing faintly with a blue-white inner light. A single crystal (about 6 ounces) will provide the power for any cast spell of 9th level or lower instead of using the spellcaster’s internal energy. They are also useful in crafting magical items, as each crystal can replace 1000xp or 5000gp worth of the cost of crafting a single magical item. Spellshard crystals have no value in being made into weapons or armor.

                Each ounce of spellshard crystal costs 1500gp, so a standard 6-ounce crystal costs 9000gp.

                Dsicovered By: Evanessa, Binarist of Sendrellar, Era of Exploration.