Firemount is a supermassive volcano formed during the Culling to wipe out Pla'thos. To this very day it constantly oozes lava from its caldera, causing the mountainous volcano to be ever-growing. It is found on the western edge of the archipelago and is a frequent stopover for ships traveling between southern Lados and southern Amuan.

Within the interior of the miles-high volcano live the dwarves and gnomes. Together they have turned the insides of Firemount into a glorious marvel of architecture, engineering, and technology. Using thermal vents and carefully controlled magma channels, they have convenciences such as running water they can heat or cool at will, elevating platforms to easily take groups of people between levels, natural lighting, and many other such amenities. With the sturdiness of dwarven work and the technology and science of the gnomes, they have founded a society within and beneath Firemount unlike any other on Torar.

Dwarven forges within Firemount are by far the best in the world, capable of forging even material like living rock and adamantine. Technomancers keep the mountain stable and help to reinforce the already masterfully crafted stonework of the soaring, pillared halls, intricate marketplaces, and fantastic homes that riddle the insides of the volcano.

Ever curious, the inhabitants of the mountain continue to delve deeper and deeper beneath it, hoping to uncover veins of rare minerals and studying the sciences of geology and geothermics. Thus beneath the magnificent cities and roads lie the Deep Tunnels, a puzzling array of shafts and passages and dead ends... some of which have become inhabited by strange creatures that like the deep, dark places of the world.