Floating castle by isra ac-d3ljjd4

The Glacial Palace is home to Maeve, the Lich Queen. It can be found about three hundred miles northwest of the point where Lados connects to the icecap, deep in the frozen, freezing wastes of the far north amidst sub-zero temperatures. The palace floats in the sky however, and thus is rarely in the same place for long.

Little is known about this monument to ice and undeath, other than that it is surrounded by glaciers thick with powerful, mutated undead and that the palace itself seems to contain an unending supply of them. Those who have ventured close have even reported skeletal dragons winging through the bitter winds around the edifice. Anywhere it goes, the land underneath it corrupts, turning black and vile and desecrated. Adventurers are advised to stay away unless powerful enough to challenge a goddess on her own turf.