Cross BreedingEdit

In Torar, the god of life and fertility sits atop Ashe'ileq, amplifying his power and altering the very nature of the world. Because of this, nearly any two parents of the same type and of compatible genders are capable of creating offspring. Below are the rules regarding the meshing of the two parents into a half-breed child.

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Races with a bonus to Strength or Constitution have dominant height, weight, and age genes. If there is a tie or dispute, the father's genes are dominant.
  • Races with a bonus to Intelligence or Charisma have dominant hair, skin, and eye genes. If there is a tie or dispute, the mother's genes are dominant.
  • Extra racial appendages, such as wings or tails, are recessive traits. Female genes are dominant in the case that both parents have the same extra appendage.

Ability Score ModifiersEdit

  • The father's physical ability modifiers are dominant, both positive and negative ones.
  • The mother's mental ability modifiers are dominant, both positive and negative ones.

Speed and SightEdit

  • The child's speed is the average of the father's and mother's, rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.
  • Low-light vision is the dominant sight traight. Any other sight traits (such as darkvision) only carry over if both parents had the trait.

Skills and FeatsEdit

  • Skill bonuses to physical skills are father-dominant, while mental skills are mother-dominant. However, bonus skill points are always dominant if present and removes up to +4 to specific skills on a +1 skill point per level to +4 specific skill bonus ratio.
  • Bonus feats, whether specific or generic, are father-dominant. No bonus feats from the mother carry over.

Spell-Like AbilitiesEdit

  • Any spell-like abilities are mother-dominant. No spell-like abilities from the father carry over.

Supernatural, Extraordinary, and Miscellaneous AbilitiesEdit

  • Only abilities that both parents possess automatically carry over.
  • If the child has fewer than three of these abilities, it may choose one from either parent to gain.

Bonus Languages and Favored ClassesEdit

  • The child gains any languages both parents share, and up to 1 additional language from either parent if one exists.
  • The child gains one favored class, of the player's choice.