Papua oasis by lathander1987-d5qmtec

Ietsirah is the capital city of the lamni, and is located in the Miratia deserts of southern Lados. The city is expansive and made predominately of sandstone, with monolithic architecture and an undercity of catacombs. The city has a separate district for each of the seven factions, and a large central region where judicial buildings are located as well as the largest marketplace. This central region is simply called the Municipal District, and the other seven districts are: Asiut, for the anubis'ses; Bubastis, for the bast'ses; Iunu, for the khepra'ses; Nakhada, for the set'ses; Nekhen, for the horus'ses; Shediet, for the sobek'ses; and Tantere, for the apis'ses.

Bazaars are scattered along every district in the city. Each district has a temple, with the seven faction districts holding a temple to their respective animal gods, and the Municipal District with a temple to Sangaia. The city has a clean and impressive canal system fed by an underground water source with water draining into the oases that grow outside of the city's walls.

As previously mentioned Ietsirah has an ever-expanding undercity which is entirely catacombs. Every dead lamni citizen is entombed here, along with deceased cats, dogs, crocodiles, and other sacred animals from the city.

Outsiders are tolerated at best, but the suspicion they are treated with by merchants doesn't seem to scare them off from the city's abundance of coveted spices, dyes, glass, and other trade-goods.


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