Ivan 1


The Faerie King


King of the Seelie Court, ruler of the wyldlings of Triskele Forest, father of the Petals


Ivannithil, or Ivan, was born during the Era of Heroes. Ivan was a bard and druid, and self-appointed protector of the Cold Wood in the duchy of Kirsvald, and had started a diplomatic endeavor with the wild elves of Covenant Forest and the fey of Grey Wood to cleanse and protect the three forests, when Sangaia ascended and made her pass over the lands. Sangaia's ascendence turned the wild elves into wyldlings, and consecrated the three forests and caused them to expand high and wide until they became virtually one. Ivan was first appointed as ruler of the wyldlings of Triskele Forest, and after working with the Seelie Court to help make the forest a home to the fey on the Prime Material, he was eventually made their king as well. Ivan now seeks to expand the forest to the Carrion Swamp at the behest of his partner Lakullus to continue healing the land.


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