High Justicar


Ruler of Concord


Jeryn is the last of a race of people known as illumin, who themselves were descendants from molthar and paladri, who can trace their origins back to the Hetepkan time. All the other illumin were changed into avarta when the goddess Sangaia ascended. For reasons unknown, Jeryn did not change.

He was changed into a molthar by Vesak, one of the secondborn molthar, eons ago. Then when Evanessa enlightened the first molthar in the act that transformed them into illumin, he was among that first group of convertees. Thus his true age is unknown, but can be traced back at least 30,000 years. During much of that time he was essentially a drifter. He traveled the world, meeting and loving many beautiful women. All that changed when he met Alexandra Sinclair, younger sister to Reggie Sinclair. Though he'd fallen in love before, for some reason this young human woman was the one with whom he would remain until this very day. It was after he met, impregnated, and married Alexandra that he agreed to assume rulership of Concord for Edana as she grew older. That was over 300 years ago during the last days of the Era of Heroes, and under his rulership Concord has become a thriving sanctuary for all those of mixed heritage and victims of racial prejudices to find shelter.

Shortly before becoming the High Justicar he led an expedition into the depths of Morag Tovan to rescue Hatshepsut from the illithids, and recovered the Book of Grey Waters from them as well, which was a key component in Reggie's campaign against Kahlia Durath.

Jeryn is a tall, tan-skinned man with raven black hair, and wings and eyes the color of stormclouds. He often wears loose, open-chested shirts and tight leather pants, eschewing finery and armor alike, though he does keep a blade at his hip always. He is a fun-loving and easygoing person, quick with a smile and as quick with his wit. He lives in Concord happily with his wife Alexandra and son Jacob, and is a fair and well loved ruler.