Co-ruler of the Moriedhel, head ambassador of all races


Katsumi is Zafara's eighth (youngest) child and fourth daughter. Before the Culling Katsumi met a gold dragon, who traveled the world as an elf paladin. Under his tutelage she studied to become a dragoon. She rode him into battle and fought by his side during the Culling, but when he fell to veldritch dragon riders she was devastated. She returned to Koraith where the Elven Alliance had established its new empire, and became a pacifist, helping the Alliance as a war nurse.

Losing two of her sisters, especially Aliyah who was an inspiration to her, only hit the girl harder. So when her mother chose her to lead diplomatic negotiations with the Brotherhood, she saw this as an opportunity to take revenge on its leader, Starveil. But over time, she came to forgive the Brotherhood for their past transgressions, understanding they were unwilling pawns of The Enemy, and became a strong voice of unity and peace between the two warring factions. She is responsible for the Brotherhood giving Ashe'ileq to the jendau.

She fell in love with Starveil, and the two married, their union sending a strong message to all the races, and she bore him two children. She is also a strong advocate of her husband's movement to separate the gods from the people of Torar.

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