Lados is one of the four major continents of Torar, along with Elaysm, Amuan, and Ashenthorn. Most maps depict it on the eastern side of the map. It is west of Elaysm, east of Amuan, and northwest of Ashenthorn. It is directly north of Pla'thos as well.

Lados has a varied climate. The southernmost parts of the continent are vast deserts, some arid, some dune-covered. North of that are wide, gentle plains with the occasional forest, or swampy jungle along the eastern coast. Along the center and west coast is the Infestation. Further north the land rises gently into hills which become mountains not far north of Sendrellar. Finally there is a massive icy snowplain that connects northern Lados with the North Coast icecap.

Lados is primarily home to humans (and lamni in Miratia), though all the races of the world can be found here and there throughout its many villages, towns, cities, and castles. It is divided into four regional states: the southern deserts and savannahs are Miratia, the central plainslands are Utea, the north-central hills are Perabova, and the northernmost mountains and ice are Caspanaea. Sendrellar and the Cathedral of Meyne can be found in the Perabovan region.

The western half of Utea and parts of Miratia and Perabova have become known as the Infested Lands, a horrible wasteland of enormous humanoid insect creatures that have burrowed into the remnants of cities there, and into the ground itself where necessary, forming maze-like hives. These vicious creatures have thus far repelled entire armies that have tried to retake bits of the Infested Lands, and are seen as the second largest threat of this era, next to the growing undead hordes of the north.

Otherwise Lados has what many consider commonplace problems: bandits, orc-kind, and such. Most adventurers begin their careers somewhere within Lados's pleasant lands. While some move on to bigger challenges, others choose to settle here, perhaps rising through the political or religious ranks to gain influence, or perhaps to lead a simple life with the ones they love.

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