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Spider Queen, Queen of Thieves




Ludz was a drow born during the Era of Enlightenment, before drow were even largely known to the surface. She found herself on the outs with the monstrous queen of the drow Lolth when the latter stole her mate and turned him into a drider. When her attempt to win back her man failed, Ludz fled to the surface world, outcast from drow society. She put as much distance as she could between herself and her former home, and quickly made a name for herself as an assassin. Early on Ludz allied herself with Venir and received much power from her benefactor, but when Venir became The Enemy, Ludz jumped ship. She united with Starveil during the Culling as leader of the drow, and remained leader of those peoples until shortly before the Era of Unification where veldritch and drow had intermingled until they became one race, and the molthar became avarta, thus leaving only one race of the Dark Brotherhood, with Starveil its leader. Lolth perished during the Culling, and the moriedhel dubbed Ludz their 'Spider Queen' for her moniker 'Black Widow'.

These days Ludz entertains herself less with assassinations and more with burglary. Her skill as a thief is nonpareil, as she can snatch thoughts from unsuspecting targets, art right off of a canvas, the color from your eyes... anything, whether tangible or not. She might be a part of the pantheon by now but she shares the same disdain for gods as her compatriot Starveil, and so any quintessence that comes her way is quickly diverted to anything and everything, often to Aro's shop, where she is his number one customer.

Ludz was blinded in her right eye by her former lover turned drider, so for many years she wore a blindfold as she felt it better to have no sense of sight rather than half of it in her line of work. But she has since replaced both eyes with glass orbs of true seeing.

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