Custodian of the Moons




Masarutora Bladesong was the fourth child of Zafara, born during the Era of Exploration. Masaru was never like Zafara's other children, or other meiva elves, having an affinity for magic early on. He was passionate about astronomy from an early age, and this passion led him to become an astromancer with a focus on lunar power. He has always had a strange obsession with the moon Xaenkial, in particular, regarding the celestial body as a deity and almost lover.

As with all of Zafara's children, Masaru received Venir's blessing. Masaru's blessing manifested in the form of blackening the sclera of his eyes. He hid his eyes behind a sheer blindfold for all of his life on Torar. Unbeknownst to all but his sister Mayumi, Masaru also suffered from lycanthropy, which surfaced whenever Xaenkial was visible and full. Masaru's alternate form is that of a mothman. Masaru retains his blessing from Venir, while the rest of his siblings have all had theirs cured.

Early in Masaru's adventuring career he received a mysterious gift of unknown origins, which turned out to be the seed for a ley crystal, that is, extremely compressed, crystalized ley energy. Seeking to grow this crystal on Xaenkial as his personal mage tower, Masa sought out Starveil as a partner in this venture. He provided the seed, and Starveil the power, to create Masa's palace on the moon. Starveil is rightful ruler of the celestial bodies, but Masaru remains at the palace on Xaenkial as Starveil's steward. He has only grown in power since his partnership with Starveil began; he is the most powerful lunar astromancer of Torar, and is a patron for lunar astromancers, moon-worshippers, and shapeshifters. Masaru's presence is noted among his faithful in the form of a white lunar moth.

The crown of Voodroth was once in Masaru's possession, though he never wielded it. He kept it locked away in his tower, until the goddess Maeve retrieved it from him. It was revealed that she was the one who gave him the ley crystal which became his palace.