Meyne is the most worshipped deity on Torar. The god of goodness, holiness, peace, and love. Two out of three devout people are worshippers of Meyne.


The Prancing Skeleton, Heavenly Father.

Current StatusEdit



Neutral Good.


A silver laughing skull with a golden halo.


Charity, Good, Healing, Peace.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Enlightenment

Typical WorshippersEdit

Kings and peasants alike, all who are good natured revere Meyne. His primary worshippers are humans, though most other races also have Meynites.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

In the rare occasion that Meyne appears before a worshipper, he looks to be a tall, tan-skinned human with shoulder-length straight black hair and a well-groomed beard and moustache. He has dark eyes and typically dresses in simple dark robes with a silver prancing skeleton amulet around his neck.

Known ArtifactsEdit


Associated HolidaysEdit

Yuletide, Garthoc 20th - 31st. A period of joy and charity. A tree, typically a fir or pine, is selected and brought into a celebrating household. The bottom, thickest part of the tree is cut off and placed into the home's fireplace. This is called the Yule Log, and it is believed that a devout and good household's Yule Log will burn throughout Yuletide, heating the home without needing any replacement or additional wood, regardless of the house's size. The remainder of the tree is stood in the home and decorated with baubles and colorful string. On Yuletide Day, Garthoc 31st, gifts are commonly exchanged. Some believe that a charitable mage known as Nicholas the Gift-Giver visits deserving families and leaves gifts under the Yule Tree for children who have been nice all year.