Mnem (2)


The Akashic Sage


Keeper of all knowledge.


Mnemnosyne is an extremely reclusive individual. He lives deep within a structure called the Vault of Time under the city Meara on his island, Ractus, which cannot be found except by those seeking him as supplicants.

The town of Meara is one of the only places on Torar where gods are free to roam alongside mortals, though both do so as visitors. The only true residents of Meara are the sages. Every single resident is a foremost expert in one specific field of study or interest. However, even getting to the town itself requires passing a series of deadly trials, which pale in comparison to those that lie within the Vault.

All of these trials are in place to test the conviction of those that seek the Sage. He is sought out to answer questions. Each supplicant has a need greater than life itself to know the answer to a certain question, though the questions themselves range from mundane to world-altering. However, Mnemnosyne will answer only one question from each supplicant, and each supplicant is allowed to see him only once in their lifetime. In addition to the trials, Mnemnosyne will require a price for his answer. For most questions this involves giving up something precious, whatever the supplicant may hold dearest... money, power, even time.

The Sage is a compassionate man, and has a keen intellect. However, as the answers he gives aren't always what the supplicant was hoping to hear, he has a completely unwarranted reputation as being mean-spirited and cruel. However, these are just the kneejerk reactions of the small-minded.

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