Morgana is the love child of Absulcon and Lilyth. Though known only for her hedonism, Lilyth's primary pursuit has always been artifice, that is, creating objects magical and mundane. She passed this interest onto her daughter, who has the unique quality of being completely incapable of using any magic, but being able to create any magical item. She can imbue an object with any kind of attribute or spell, whether she can cast that spell or not. So, she could create a scroll of fireball, but could never cast a fireball herself. Unfortunately she cannot benefit from the items she creates, so she could not then cast the fireball off of the scroll she just created. Morgana resides on a demiplane that Lilyth created for her, where all of her needs are met, which is attached to Absulcon's tower in Sendrellar. She is reclusive and a hard person to make an appointment with, but she is infinitely interested in the affairs of "mortals" and has a way of putting impossible objects into the paths of those who are deserving.

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