Vital InformationEdit






Dragon (purple).




Nightscale is a mature adult dragon. She is the child of Adarielle and Torchindraxtenmenios, and is Rho's half-sister, though is much much younger. In dragon form she is a majestic, sleek, violet-scaled beast with a breath weapon of purple arcane energy. In her humanoid form she is a tall, sexy woman with long wavy black hair, violet eyes, and pale skin. She is rarely seen without Ashfang, her magical scythe crafted from one of her father's actual teeth.






Nightscale is smart and sultry. She has little time for word games and politics, and prefers to get right to the point. However, she has a tongue as sharp as her scythe, and won't hesitate to cut someone down with words alone. Because she has never allowed herself to mate, she can also be aggressively sexual at times, though she never follows through and therefore is nothing but a huge tease. Though like all dragons she craves wealth for her hoard, she also has a peculiar desire for childrens' toys, which to her are worth their weight in gold.


Nightscale has been sheltered through most of her life in one way or another, and treated like the princess she is in actuality. This has caused her to develop a skewed sense of reality and entitlement, and frequently sees others as playthings rather than actual people. She can be easily bribed with gifts of magic and toys. And despite her demeanor she is still a child deep inside, reacting like a child would and thereby can be easily manipulated by someone who recognizes this. However, it would be fatal for that person if she were to discover any such manipulation.



Her egg was lain in Sendrellar, though she was birthed in the Towers mountain range of western Lados.


Her father, Torchindraxtenmenios, and her half-brother Ortinrhonisalnahir.


1st of Guloc, 2910 Heroes, NA.


When Nightscale hatched, she was part of a clutch of black dragons hatched by her nanny Sekkatrix, and who under orders from Nightscale's father, cast her out of the nest with nothing but Ashfang, a pendant made from her father's tooth. Surviving the other denizens of the mountains by utilizing her seemingly innate puissance with the scythe that she discovered was hidden within her pendant, she eventually found her way underneath Khundrukar, the old dwarven keep inside the mountain Stone Tooth. She was found there by Reginald Sinclair and company, who spared her life after a heated battle and eventually befriended her. She traveled with that company for a time until being sent back to Okarthel just before Reginald disappeared. She has declared that he is her true love and has been saving herself for him ever since.

Adventuring InformationEdit


War dancer.



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Signature EquipmentEdit

Ashfang, her huge, magical, dragontooth scythe.

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