Oros is the god of death and fate. He is the keeper of true names and the guardian of the Lethe Arch, where gods go to die. His grand city, Twilight Mecca, is home to the powerful beings known as deathwalkers, who occasionally are sent to Torar on a mission from their lord.


The Pale One, Painbearer, Lord Death.

Current StatusEdit



Lawful Neutral.


A large tome being held open by skeletal hands.


Death, Entropy, Knowledge, Law.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Enlightenment

Typical WorshippersEdit

Those who worship Oros are called Reapers and tirelessly hunt the undead and other creatures that have found ways to escape death. Though not evil, most people find the subject of death distasteful, if not downright frightening, so few commonly worship Oros outside of his clergy. However, those that work with the dead and those with a fatalistic bent may pay homage to Lord Death.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

Oros's avatar has been described as taller than an ogre, but more appealing. He wears his short black hair slicked back from his pale face and can usually be seen in black and violet royal attire. He wears four empty sheathes for greatswords across his back. He is sometimes seen riding a huge grey stallion.

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Associated HolidaysEdit

All Souls, Rahmoc 31st - Sarnoc 1st. During All Souls' Eve (the 31st), people will dress in costume in order to disguise themselves from the escaped evil spirits that are loosed on the world to roam until sunrise. It is common practice to carve pumpkins or other gourds into horrific faces and set them near a dwelling's door to ward off those spirits. On All Souls' Day (the 1st) there is feasting of traditional dishes to celebrate the spirits being put to rest again.