Slave trader.


Ortinrhonisalnahir, or Rho for short, is a blue dragon that is thousands of years old. While in his dragon form he is massive and lustrous in his sapphire scales, he tends to prefer spending time in his humanoid form as a strikingly handsome man with sapphire hair. The son of Adarielle, who was sister to Torchindraxtenmenios the Great and first Archmagistrix of Sendrellar, Rho comes from a distinguished heritage that far predates the Culling, and one that is steeped in magic. Though himself not a practicing spellcaster, Rho nonetheless has more than a typical dragon's share of innate magical abilities, mostly relating to creation and control of electricity.

Rho had been living in southern Elaysm for a long time, disagreeing with the dragons being united under his uncle, Torch. However, after taking a lone human warrioress named Katriona as his newest slave and eventually falling in love with her, he moved his lair off the northwestern coast of Amuan and now lives in opulence in the well-preserved ruins that cover the small island he has claimed as his own with his stable of slaves and sirens.

Rho is a dominating and demeaning man and is as self-confident as any multi-millenial dragon has a right to be. He enjoys humiliating and debasing the women he captures, 'breaking' them before selling them for vast sums of money. He doesn't mind the occasional adventurer hunting him down... it makes for good sport and a nice addition to his hoard if nothing else... he also doesn't want his exact location advertised, and so generally keeps a low profile. He has been known to be seen around Okarthel from time to time, though he never looks like he wants to be there.

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