Rogar is a satyr, a type of fey. Like most of his kind, he is given to excess of merriment, specifically his lust for women and drink.

He has a strong, controlling personality which when mixed with his innate fey magic makes him all but impossible to resist.

He has reddish skin, and brown fur and horns. He is more than seven feet tall, not including his goat-like horns, and thicky packed with muscle. He oozes masculine pheromones constantly in the air around himself.

When he is around mortals he typically uses illusion to disguise himself as a big, intimidating human lumberjack and trapper.

Other than being an exemplary sample of his species, he would be otherwise unremarkable were it not for the company he keeps. Rogar stays with Ivan, king of the fey, as both a personal houseguest and a member of the king's court where he represents satyrkind.

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