Sangaia is a dragon goddess of nature. She is the embodiment of the natural world, and it was her power that birthed the first wyldlings as well as transformed the desert creatures of Amuan into the lamni. She is seen as peaceful, kind, and motherly.


Green lady, Earth Mother, Dragon Queen, Mother Nature.

Current StatusEdit



Neutral Good.


A white stylized woman's silhouette, arms clasped over her head, with a swirl pattern in her abdomen, flanked by two crescent moons pointing away from her on either side, usually on a spring green background.


Community, Dragons, Nature, Wisdom.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Unification

Typical WorshippersEdit

Gaians, those who worship Sangaia, are mostly dragons, druids, wyldlings, lamni, and any others that revere nature and the natural world. Many farmers worship Sangaia instead of Veloria.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

Sangaia's avatar is seen as a colossal dragon. She has horns made of thick tree branches which are covered in grass, mosses, and flowers. Her scales and claws are made of petrified wood. Her eyes glow with the color of amber, and there is a large amber crystal embedded in her chest.

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Associated HolidaysEdit

Lammas, Mythoroc 1st. Lammas is also called the harvest festival, signalling the beginning of the season of harvesting. Tradition dictates that the first bushel of harvest be prepared inside a large effigy made of wicker or straw and burned atop the nearest hill. Afterward the ashes are collected and used to fertilize the fields and crops. This is also an occasion to feast, especially on pie, and many communities hold pie eating and pie making contests.

Sangaia's GalleryEdit