Emperor of the elves


Satora is Zafara's second child and second son. He was always a stoic child, and entered training as a martial artist from a very early age. When he and his brother Takeshi grew old enough, Takeshi passed his right to the throne onto Satora because he knew himself to be an unfit leader. Satora was certainly born for the role, like a reincarnation of past emperor Gan himself. Unlike most of his siblings who rose to power during the Culling, Satora was already a master himself and teaching other martial artists at the warrior academy Kazuyuki. When Hizos vanished, he led the martial artists to the northern monastery and was the first to open the way of the monk, and subsequently teach his disciples. When they returned to Kazuyuki with a new path, he left the monks to assume the Iron Throne as his mother's regent.

He was officially crowned emperor during the Era of Heroes after he aided his father in the defeat of one of The Enemy's prime evils.

Although he still worships Hizos, he is an inspiration to many who seek personal perfection and power.

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