Stirge and Hammer
The Stirge and Hammer is a modest two-story inn in Silverus’s Brewer's Hill district that caters to the Silverus working class and the occasional wandering adventurer. Its owner and proprietor, Vasaro, purchased the inn 15 years ago after retiring from Silverus military service. Vasaro is an honest man who charges a fair price for his food and lodging. In addition to running the inn, Vasaro has converted part of the inn’s seldom-used stables into a small brewery where he brews a locally famous strong black beer called Old Blind Stirge. It is the only alcohol available at the Stirge and Hammer.

Vasaro does not allow gambling or whoring on the premises, as he wants the inn to uphold its respectable reputation. He is very protective of his buxom young daughter, Basila, who works as a serving maid in the inn’s taproom.

Inn PricesEdit

Lodging (per night)Edit

1 sp: Common Room (bedroll and floor space in the taproom after hours)
1 gp: Private Room (2 straw beds)
10 gp: Noble Suite (bedroom with feather bed and separate sitting room)


1 sp: Typical meal (meaty stew and bread)
7 sp: Fancy meal (grilled pork, chicken, or fish, bread, cheese, and fruit bowl)

Old Blind StirgeEdit

Drink Strength: 2

2 cp: Tankard (size 4)
1 sp: Hand Keg (size 8)

Vasaro BrewerEdit


Vasaro Brewer, during his final years in the Duke's Rovers.

A tall, lean man in his early 50s, with hawk-like features, greying curly black hair, and a twisted beak of a nose, Vasaro spent 20 years serving with the Duke's Rovers, the scouting branch of the Silverus army. As a Rover, Vasaro patrolled the lands within 100 miles of the city and worked to protect outlying villages and keep the roads safe from bandits, raiding humanoids, and predatory animals. During this time Vasaro developed a particular hatred for gnolls, as noted by his collection of stuffed gnoll heads above the inn's fireplace and the nearly 9-foot tall preserved body of a gnoll chieftan standing in the taproom.

Basila BrewerEdit


Basila Brewer.

Basila is Vasaro's 17-year-old daughter. Energetic, dark-eyed, and voluptuous, Basila is Vasaro's greatest treasure and only living family member, having lost his wife and infant son 12 years ago during childbirth. Strangely, none of Vasaro's friends in the city knew he even had a daughter until she showed up at the inn about a year ago, having been away at a boarding school, according to the innkeeper. Though she's a pretty thing, Basila is far from a brainless doxy. She has a good head for numbers, is warm and welcoming with the inn's customers, and has become a decent shot with the crowwbow under her father's persistent tutelage.

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