Take 2




Demigod in service to war


Takeshi is Zafara's first child and first son. He has always been wild and irresponsible, leading him to give his right to rulership to his brother Satora shortly after reaching maturity. Takeshi was a soldier of Hizos early in his career, and can be credited as the first Deathwalker in a joint project between Hizos and Oros, though today's Deathwalkers are a very different beast. While he is a demigod, formerly in service to Hizos and now simply to the ideal of war itself, he is also an ally of Oros for their similar opposition to The Enemy. During the Culling Takeshi was responsible for providing the protection of the non-elven races (excluding the former Brotherhood). After this era passed, he went to Lea Monde and spent all of the Era of Heroes battling his way through the toughest dungeon known (until Aincrad), eventually defeating the final opponent, an ancient goddess who is now his lover, a few years before the new era, building up his strength in hopes of besting The Enemy himself. Though his thunder was stolen by the unlikely Reggie Sinclair and company, he keeps The Enemy's remaining prime evils at bay instead.

Takeshi's soulreaper is called Ryūjin and manifests in the form of a massive greataxe. When released, Takeshi grows four additional arms, and the greataxe disperses into six waraxes. Ryūjin was imbued with the rare ability to slay the prime evils by Oros, who took this out of the gift Venir granted Takeshi. (Venir imparted a 'gift' on all of Zafara's children.)

It is rumored that Takeshitora is the final boss of Aincrad.


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