Guild wars 2 sylvari by mar 93-d5gu6gz




Ruler of the wyldlings of Wyld Thicket


Nepenthes Taraxacum, or Tessa (formerly Tara, but she changed her nickname to avoid confusion with Thera), was the first wyldling. Her spirit was pulled from another world by Throng and placed into a seed pod to gestate. When Sangaia ascended, Tessa became the firstborn wyldling, and stepped up to rule them together with the Arch Druid Ilanari Bladesong. Even Ivannithil defers to her, but she trusts his judgement in matters of ruling the wyldlings of Triskele Forest.

Tessa is a ranger, and master of beasts. She carries a greatsword known as Caladbolg, a gift from a friend from her homeworld.

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