Kahlia Durath

Kahlia Durath


  • Kahlia, daughter of Zumarrani.
  • Zumarrani, father of Kahlia.


Silverus, duchy of Kirsvald, western Lados.


The Durath family is an old money family that lives in Silverus. While not among the movers and shakers of Kirsvalian politics, the Duraths nonetheless are respected for their generous monetary contributions to the city's
Zumarrani Durath

Zumarrani Durath

guard. The family is also known for its interest in the history of Kirsvald, the kingdom of Perbova that used to control the land Kirsvald is on before the Culling, and even in eras before that. The family is a patron of the arts and sciences, both mundane and magical, and own an extensive gallery of fine artworks and blueprints for various inventions.

Zumarrani is a noted scholar and member of the Scholar's Council, the leadership of the Antiquity Scholars which is a group of like-minded persons up and down the Ivory Road who pursue the history of the world in order to preserve and remember that which came before. He is a charismatic, if somewhat intimidating, and highly intelligent man.

Kahlia is Zumarrani's only child, and a prodigy of magical might. Having both innate sorcerous powers as well as classically trained mage learning, it would not be an overstatement to say that she could master all forms of arcane magic if she put her mind to it. She is noted as a world traveler, using her magic to quickly visit places all over the world and often appearing where she is least expected. She is as charismatic as her father, but is known to have a quick temper and has displayed unpredictable behaviors when upset, favoring magical hexes and the like to those that raise her ire.

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