• Eischord, Bargainer in the Labyrinth
  • Pmekthrul, the Mind Eater
  • Nemesis, the Unending Death
  • Ubsathgni, Father of the Unclean
  • Ixioloth, the Void Between the Stars
The Prime Evils are five deific beings of mind-melting horror and alienness. They were partly created, partly summoned from the Far Realm, by The Enemy during the Culling as both distraction and weapon. They were conjured forth out of the five elements of the mortal ego and wraught untold havoc in the heavens and on Torar. Thus far, only three have been slain: Eischord during the Culling, and Pmekthrul and Nemesis during the Era of Heroes.


Eischord infects people's bodies like a disease, stalking the labyrinth of their blood vessels and tissues and offering a bargain: power in exchange for becoming one of his brood. Eischord was defeated in Endhome during the Culling, though no one knows exactly how, only that all of the infected people suddenly became well. Eischord was the aspect of lust, and spread most rapidly through intimate contact.


Pmekthrul was an unbelievably massive worm, thousands upon thousands of miles in length, that for the most part lay coiled around the core of the planet, devouring the minds of the weak-willed inhabitants of Torar, who created worm cults to worship the horrendous being. Pmekthrul was defeated by Zafara's husband Cassius and their son Satora after centuries of Cassius battling it in the deep places of the world. Pmekthrul  was the aspect of greed.


Nemesis was an enormous serpentine-like creature with bone scythes for arms, a gaze that could disintegrate even gods, and impenetrable skin. It is said that it could evenly match any opponent, and eventually overcome even the greatest of foes by way of rapid adaptation to strengths, weaknesses, environment, and tactics. It was slain by Hizos, with aid from the timelord Reggie Sinclair, after a battle of more than a thousand years. Nemesis was the aspect of anger.


Ubsathgni is actually an entire plane of existence, much like the Prime Material and the elemental planes. It is the source of all things abominable, unclean, and blasphemous. It is a realm of sucking mud marbled with offal and lumpy greyish masses, perpetually swelling and quivering and birthing further horrors. Most of its misbegotten creations are victims of their father: they are  caught by stinking tentacles and devoured. Some survive and tend to Ubsathgni, while others wander away to terrorize the inhabitants of other realms. Ubsathgni is the aspect of attachment.


Ixioloth is a pan-dimensional being that transcends space and time. It both inhabits and is the empty space between the stars, and between the realms. It is all encompassing and inescapable when traveling between realms. Only the power of the gods of Torar keep its alien, unknowable agents from reaching and invading the world. Planar travelers must be careful to avoid these ever-present spawn. Ixioloth is the aspect of pride.

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