Reaping Sickness

The reaping sickness is a deadly supernatural affliction. The bodies of those slain by the reaping sickness rise as plague-carrying zombies 1d20 minutes later and the victims’ souls are absorbed into the Reaping Stone. Because of the affliction’s ties to the Reaping Stone, it can only be cured with a remove disease or heal spell cast on the afflicted creature while they are in physical contact with the Reaping Stone. If the Reaping Stone is destroyed or rendered dormant with the death of the high priest of Maramaga, those afflicted with the disease are cured and all reaping sickness zombies are immediately destroyed.


Type: Supernatural disease.

Save: Fort DC 20.

Onset: Immediate.

Frequency: 1/day.

Effect: 1 point of Con damage; those who roll a natural 1 on the initial Fortitude save instead take 2d6 points of Con damage and another 1 point of Con damage each day thereafter, regardless of future saves. The Con damage cannot be cured while the victim is still diseased after 3 days of infection. A successful DC 20 Fort save means the victim does not lose a point of Con that day, though they remain infected. Multiple successful Fortitude saves cannot cure the disease.


A creature afflicted with the reaping sickness immediately feels lethargic and weak from the Con loss, their eye-whites turn a soft shade of pink, and they begin to run a high fever. Whenever the creature sneezes or coughs, they expel trace amounts of bloody mist.


The reaping sickness can be cure by successfully casting remove disease or heal while the afflicted creature is in physical contact with the Reaping Stone. If the Reaping Stone goes dormant or is destroyed, those afflicted with the reaping sickness are immediately cured and any reaping sickness zombies are destroyed. All other attempts at curing the disease automatically fail.

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