Keeper of the Balance; Hand of Evolution.


Ruler of Lea Monde and responsible for ensuring the world never becomes stagnant evolutionarily.


Thorongalandalai, or Throng for short, has been around since before time. Records of him are nonexistant, but a very few special people may have knowledge of his existence. Throng is the source of all evolution, all learning, all growth and adaptation. It was his shepherding that made the shards of the Seed become what they are and have the effects that they do. He is responsible for most if not all of the diversity of life on the planet, or at the least he is the reason such diversity can occur 'naturally.' Of those few that know him, some feel that he is simply another incarnation of the Creator. Whether or not this is true may never be known. One thing is clear though: this mysterious being's intentions seem to be for the betterment of Torar as a whole.

Lea Monde

Lea Monde, with Throng's Cathedral at the center of the city in the distance.

Throng built and rules the cosmopolitan city Lea Monde, which exists on an island somewhere on the world that cannot be found, even by the gods. The only way to travel to Lea Monde is to be invited. The city is multiplanar, and thus has a variety of peoples, both residents and visitors, that can't be seen anywhere else on Torar. Violence, indeed crime of any kind, is not prohibited within Lea Monde. Those in the city literally cannot perpetrate any sort of crime. The streets and buildings are built of smooth, seamless light colored stone with mithril inlays of indecipherable circular runes everywhere. The very essence of evolution is harnessed in the city and used to power many magical effects, such as keeping the city spotlessly clean, repairing damage from accidents, organically growing new buildings as needed, and so on. Between its magical protection and its guardians, beings specially trained in the arts of evolutionary flow, Lea Monde is perhaps the safest place in all of the multiverse. The city does have an export that is tightly controlled by Throng himself: vineyards that produce wine capable of accelerating the drinker's personal evolution. Each and every bottle that is shipped or sold must be approved by Throng beforehand, making it an exceptionally valuable and rare commodity.

Throng himself is soft-spoken and generally a no-nonsense man (if in fact he is a man), however he has a kindness about him that puts others at ease. While he can be businesslike with visitors, he is not rude or arrogant or haughty. He typically dresses in green robes, underneath which he is wrapped like a mummy in bandages made of spun emerald. Underneath those he appears so ordinary, so utterly commonplace, that he is in effect invisible to all senses, including magical, and even invisible to people's memories.

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