Vital InformationEdit


Maneater, Cap'n.




Human-elf halfbreed.




Triennia is a lithe half-elf of average height. Long light strawberry-blonde hair frames a tanned face. Golden hoops from her ears and a large feather is stuck in the brim of the black captain’s hat on her head. A choker of leather and beads covers her neck, necklaces dipping into her prominent, exposed cleavage. A rapier hangs from one hip and a sheathed dagger hugs the opposite thigh, while a crossbow rests in a holster on her back.


Chaotic Neutral.


Veloria, water aspect.


Brastia, first mate of the Man Eater.


The Cap'n is a brazen, salty sailor. She is in complete control of her ship, the Man Eater, and maintains that control through the use of her feminine wiles, deadly blades, and potent voice. Never afraid to use any of her many gifts the gods bestowed upon her to her advantage, she can be sultry one minute, sweet the next, and scornful the next. She is as capricious as the sea itself, which makes her an unpredictable person but a strangely effective pirate. Along with her first mate Brastia, a powerful elven stormlord, the Man Eater and her crew ply the waters between Lados and Ashenthorn. Unbeknownst to most, the ship is enchanted to be ageless, as is her crew, as they are secretly in the service of ferrying supplicants to Mnemnosyne.


Triennia is extremely uncomfortable on land, and has issues keeping her balance there. To hide this, she frequently gets and stays hammered when forced to be on land for any extended period of time. She rarely trusts anyone, and this often sabotages any sort of social interaction before it can progress to anything worthwhile. She is unusually susceptible to being seduced, which has led to her waking up tied to a bed and stripped of all valuables.



Goodland, a small farming village in south-central Lados that was once saved from an orc tribe's attack by Zafara Bladesong.


None. Triennia has long outlived her human parent, and her elven parent died during the Infestation.


1st of Hiriloc, 1209 Exploration, NA.


She was a child of only 6 or 7 at the time, but she fell in love with Zafara after witnessing her heroics and generosity. The 15-foot tall statue erected in Zafara's honor at saving the town (and donating a king's ransom of gold to rebuilding it after the attack) can still be seen on the banks of the Infested Noddharya Brook. This was the motivation and inspiration for Triennia to become an adventurer. Unfortunately, the world beat her down during her first few years of her career, turning her into the fickle pirate queen that she is now.

Adventuring InformationEdit





Prestige ClassEdit


Signature EquipmentEdit

The Deepward, an enchanted corset granting her the ability to breathe and move in water like a mermaid.

Adventure NotesEdit


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