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Triskele Forest is a large forest which was formed by the Cold Wood, Grey Wood, and Covenant Forest in the duchy of Kirsvald, and is home to the wyldlings of Lados and a large contingent of the Seelie Court. It is still somewhat noticeable that the forest was once three separate woods, but as years go by it becomes less and less so.

The inabitants of the forest have shaped several large openings in the canopy throughout to allow sunlight to pour onto their gardens, where they farm many crops on the mystically fertile land that they would otherwise have to travel for. These crops are traded freely to the humans which still dominate the duchy, as is whatever wood and game they might need, acquired without too much destruction of course. For this, the humans do not encroach upon the forest, so long as the wood expands no further into Kirsvald and the roads and access to the mountains are kept clear. Instead of expanding into more of Kirsvald, the forest is now making a slow march toward the Carrion Swamp.

The ruler of the forest, Ivannithil, helped to inspire the architecture of the dwellings there. While naturally formed through druidic talents, these structures are drastically different from those of wyldlings in the Wyld Thicket, harkening back to the ancient architecture of the high elves.


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