Venir was the god of monsters, and the second most destructive deity to ever ascend over the realms of Torar. He was the cause of the Culling, a thousand years of death and suffering, including the deaths of many of his fellow gods, all in the mad pursuit to create the perfect being. He was infected by an entity known only as the Reaver, a power of utter evil and destruction, and became Zanir during the Culling. He was purged of this force and repented recently, stepping down from his godhood and building Aincrad, turning his still powerful abilities toward helping the citizens he had terrorized for an era to become more than they are in order to overthrow the gods that, according to him, hold the chains that people willingly place around their necks.


The Enemy, Vile One, Monsterlord, Father of Abominations.

Current StatusEdit



Neutral Evil.


A verdigri-covered copper V with monstrous eyes at each point.


Madness, Moon, Science.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Exploration

Typical WorshippersEdit

Ancient adventurers called shades revered Venir, as did some deathwalkers before Oros saved them from destruction. Worshippers of Hizos often thanked Venir at least in passing for creating powerful monsters for them to test themselves against. Nearly every monstrous being worshipped Venir.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

Tall and very thin with elvish ears, too-long fingers, and a too-wide mouth below narrow emerald eyes. He was normally seen wearing black robes that trailed off into shadows at the hems, with black tentacles writhing around just inside those shadows.

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