King of Dark Places


Emperor of Shadow


Vesak and his two hetepkan brothers, Ituri and Lehale, were the first molthar created by the fallen Ler'ar when the fallen one was shunned by all of his primeval hetepkan gods and became the Incarnate Shadow. However, where Ituri and Lehale fell victim to Ler'ar's unstable rage several centuries later, Vesak survived his maker's wrath and all of the cataclysmic events and wars from then until now. Thus his bloodline was the most common among the molthar people if one discounts Ler'ar himself.

After the Culling, the ancient molthar lord emerged from the shadows as the leader of the molthar, working alongside Starveil and Ludz to lead the Dark Brotherhood.

Late in the Era of Heroes, Vesak made a deal with the goddess Lilyth. He was given a great gift, and took it with him as he fled into the plane of shadow along with most of the molthar people... at least those still loyal to their ancient, evil ways and not the more forward-thinking Brotherhood ideals. There he is building a vast army of shadowtouched warriors and assassins and shadow mages, which he had promised to the service of the Beautiful Stranger.

Having claimed the entire plane of shadow as his realm, and with the force of arms to back up his claim, the plane has become exceptionally dangerous to visit, even moreso than normal. Those who know the truth behind Vesak's mysterious disappearance know that even on the Prime Material Plane, every pool of shadows is to be watched, and that it is no shame to literally be afraid of one's own shadow.

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