Voodroth was the lord of undeath, decay, and disease.


The Rotting King, Old Man.

Current StatusEdit



Neutral Evil.


A clawing, grasping, rotting hand, usually on a red background.


Disease, Evil, Fear.

Era of AscendanceEdit

Era of Enlightenment

Typical WorshippersEdit

Necromancers of old worshipped Voodroth, as well as many secret cabals hidden throughout the lands. It was rare to find any open worship of this god, and such worshippers were often put to death before they could bring pestilence and death to those around them.

Avatar DescriptionEdit

An emaciated figure in bloodstained dark robes with a face hidden within the shadow of his cowl. He was commonly seen carrying a wicked scythe and wearing a dull grey crown that seemed to contain screaming faces.

Known ArtifactsEdit

Crown of Souls. Voodroth's crown, a horrid, spiked thing of grey metal worked to look like screaming souls, was said to give the wearer power over death and mastery over plagues. It was last seen during the Culling, being worn by Prince Masarutora Bladesong.

Memento. Voodroth's scythe was long and thin, composed entirely of dark metal, with the handle worked into a series of spiralling spinal columns. It was rumored to steal the soul of anyone it cut, and to grant the wielder unholy vitality from each stolen soul. Their lifeless bodies were then reanimated under the control of the wielder. It was last seen during the Culling, where it is assumed to have been destroyed.

Associated HolidaysEdit