NG hamlet

Cco 1.

Fce 14, Mby 11, Res 12, Lrn 11, Awa 12, Com 14

Feats Rich Hunting (fish).

Skills Craft (blacksmithing) +3, Craft (cobbling) +1, Craft (knick knacks) +1, Craft (silversmithing) +4, Handle Animal +1, Heal +1, Profession (brewer) +4, Profession (farmer) +1, Profession (fisherman) +2, Profession (hunter) +1, Profession (tanner) +1,

Resources Beer (luxury), fish (bonus).


Government Autocracy

Population 105 (98% human, 1% dwarf, 1% gnome)


Alden WestdenEdit

Mayor of Westden

Daelyg FenwayEdit

Town constable

Magda StonejawEdit

Expert silversmith

Ferd MagnusonEdit

General store owner


Base Value 600 gp; Purchase Limit 2500 gp; Spellcasting 2nd

Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4. (Most magical items are owned


Alric Westden came to this area affectionately known as Trader’s Gulch around the time the Dwarven miner Bertram found his first gold vein (in the place that eventually became Bertram’s End). Alric was the last of six children to inherit the Westden name, and, since his father proved a squanderer, Alric did not really gain much. Alric took what money was given him, outfitted himself for adventure, and headed out to make himself a name.

It turns out that Alric was a bit of a patsy and not much of an adventurer. He found Trader’s Gulch, a poor town (before Bertram found the main gold vein, and therefore just before the “boom”) and used his money to build a stable and an inn. With the money from these ventures, he built this “manor house”, renamed the town Westden, claimed Mayordom, married, and lived quite comfortably for several decades. It was some twenty years ago when Alric the Second (Alric Seniors’ only child, and then current mayor of Westden) took off with some house guests on a hunt. Only Alden Westden and Daelyg Fenway returned alive. Carrying Alric’s body, they looked roughed up themselves, and said that they and the hunting party had encountered a band of goblins. The others were dead, and they had barely escaped.

Alden Westden said he was coming to visit his cousin when he encountered them on the trail. It was then that the goblins attacked and only the two Westdens’ and Fenway had gotten away. Unfortunately Alric II had died from his wounds before they could get to town. A hunting party was formed, with Alden and Daelyg at the lead. They did indeed find goblins with items belonging to the original hunting party, but the goblins looked worn and emaciated themselves. It was an easy kill.

Alden then wrote to Alric’s relatives, and received a letter that said he could inherit all of Alric’s worldly goods, as it was not much and of no concern to his siblings. Alden then found himself mayor of Westden.

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