The Adamantine Empress




Zafara Bladesong was born to a small family in rural Ghdros. She rapidly began to make her mark on Torian history, though, being adopted by Emperor Gan as crown princess within a decade of beginning her adventuring career, which was long and storied, including the defeat of Zardesh and the freeing of the veldritch among many other stories of near unbelievable heroics. She also became a regular participant and undefeated champion of Hizokens for twelve years, only ending her reign due to marriage and pregnancy.

She married Gan's most trusted and able general, Cassius, and bore eight children in rapid succession, most of whom have made their own marks on the world. The most well known of her children are Satora, who now rules the elven people, and Katsumi, now Queen of the moriedhel and wife to Starveil. Zafara's other living children are Masaru, Ilanari, Mayumi, and Takeshi.

Zafara assumed her role as Empress after Gan was killed by an assassin, and she proved to be one of the most capable and successful leaders in the history of Torar. Her economic savvy, political maneuvering, and strategic use of force stands today as the measure upon which other leaders aspire to.

Almost exclusively through her actions and leadership the Culling was brought to an end. Recently she has retired from playing an active role in the world, allowing her children and others to carry Torar into its next eras, living quietly in peace with her husband in an unknown location.

Zafara is looked up to by everyone, and it is not uncommon to find children playing Zafara Versus, frequently fighting to see who gets to play the role of the beloved empress. Thanks to her and her family's trademark flame-colored locks, red hair has become the most desired hair color by many. Her impact on the world simply cannot be understated.